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About usOrganico

Fragrance of earth and no one can capture. We have tried to make efforts to deliver this fragrance to you through our products. We have made sincere efforts to get those raw molecules from earth to serve the modern society. We having legacy of farming and generations of experience. Our late grandfather Shri Parbatrao Narayan Sapkal was recognised as "Pragatshil Shetkari" in Satara district in few decades before Taking inspiration from him we came with this venture ORGANICO to serve society with food that make society healthy.

We believe to deliver the product as grown naturally, by adding our efforts to nurture it with modern techniques

We grow the produce in our own farms to make it sure that the products we deliver is up to the mark. Organico supports other small farmers and educate them to get good yield with less chemical residues.

We procure milk and other products from those small farmers who haven’t access to metro markets.

For this start up we made open a flag ship store in our ancestral house located on Pune - Mahableshwar road.

Organico is a concept where we switch over to natural farming than chemical farming. It is a natural product which can easily absorb in human body and built immunity to fight all types of desceas.


Why Organico?

From studies on health worldwide and various journals published on Human health it is proven that the conventional food produced has 70% more chemical contamination which adversely affects the Human health. Organic farming protects help society by protecting health, and further to sustainable development in agriculture. Higher concentrations in organic produce give healthier and stress free life. Organic farming is done by providing chemical free pesticides and growth hormones.


Are organico products cost effective?

Organic products are bit higher in cost than that of conventional products. One of the reason behind is less yield than conventional farming. But still worth to spend on because it protects from ill effects on our health, and therefore less diseases, less spending on medication, less doctors visit , less bodily pain and so on. We achieve health with Welth by adopting organico.

Now the world is adopting Organico , so why we should behind? Country like Bhutan having higher happiness index because most of the population feed themselves on organic produce.

So, what for we wait? Let’s go Organico, to save ourselves, our peoples, our nature and our planet.

Origin : The origin of organico is from river Krishna valley right below hills of Mahableshwar. The crops are actually feeds on the water of river KRISHNA. Having said that you are testing the water of KRISHNA with every bite of Organico’s products. So the test of food is amazing, one need not to add too ingredients while cooking but to enjoy DNA of the black soil. It’s a journey from soil to soul.


Farm-to-door delivery of fresh vegetables